The Glove Wagon strives to uphold the principles of service that have been the core of our business since 1985. Service to retail outlets has been our trademark. We provide full glove rack service: stocking, maintaining, and pricing. Our unique service has provided us with opportunities to give you outstanding price value for the service. Covering the state of Colorado, we recently have expanded our glove rack service into parts of Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

       In addition to a large variety of work gloves, we carry a full line of safety and protection products including fall protection, head and face protection, eye and ear protection, respiratory protection, foot protection, and protective clothing. We utilize a large network of suppliers to get you the product that will provide you with the protection you need. Our current commercial customer base covers a wide range of industries: construction, concrete, plumbing, electrical, oil field, poultry, dairy, and fuel transportation. If you need safety products, we are your supplier.

      We encourage you to search our site. If you don’t find the product you need please contact us, our product line and supplier base continues to expand enabling us to meet with changing demands.

 When it comes to safety products 

We’ve Got You Covered